Service Year Awards – Calgary Zone

As part of a retention initiative, the Calgary Zone is implementing service awards. Below is a description of these awards.

  • 1st year award – $10 coffee card – Awarded to a new patroller once he/she has completed his/her orientation at their ski area and can roster for regular duties. This is mailed out to the new patrollers
  • 2 year award – CSP UV Buff – Awarded to patrollers who have re-certified during their second year, who have completed their ski area returning weekend commitments, and are actively patrolling. This is given out after March 1st of their second winter season.
  • 5th year award – personalized leatherman – Awarded to patrollers who are actively patrolling at their ski area after their fifth season. This award is presented to them at CZ Wine and Cheese when they receive their 5 year pins.

For the 2nd and 5th year awards – we will be awarding the awards to all patrollers who currently meet this criteria in the 2015-2016 season. Any questions about these awards, please contact Marielle – [email protected]

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About Caliry

Kelly Campbell is a member of The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP), a non-profit organization that offers training in first aid and accident scene management. As a CSP patroller in the Calgary Zone, Kelly provides first aid and rescue services, while promoting safety and injury prevention at ski areas and special events. She is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all skiers and snowboarders.
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