Returning Weekends for 2016/2017

Weekend 1 – Sep 10/11
Weekend 2 – Oct 1/2
Weekend 3 – Oct 15/16

Sign up for your re-cert weekend on the Calgary Zone Roster

Registration information will be emailed to all of last year’s patrollers in early September.  If you have not received an email with registration instructions, please contact Cody Whitten at [email protected]. Updating your NDS contact information and submitting your registration payment are prerequisites for entry to your chosen re-certification weekend.

Update your NDS information by logging on with your CSPS ID found on your CSPS membership card at the CSP National Database and selecting “View/Edit Your Personal Information”.

Detailed information about registration, times, and locations will be available at a later date and emailed to members.

Recertification Notes

National Manual, Written Exam Reviews & Other Resources

Writing to 100%

In order to enhance the learning experiences of our members, if you have any incorrect answers on your written exam, you will be directed to the relevant section in the manual. You’ll be asked to review the material and then come back with your revised answer. You are strongly encouraged to bring an updated copy of the manual.

Passing Mark of 80%

If you should fail to meet the pass mark of 80% in the written exam, you will be asked to return to write it at a later date (the next returning patroller weekend or on the rookie evaluation days). This will give you ample opportunity to study, using the study guide provided by National. You will not get your exam to review after your first attempt. When you pass on your second attempt, you will have the opportunity to write to 100%.

Recertification Process

The recertification process has the following steps and requirements for Calgary Zone Steps 1-4 must be completed every year

Step 1: Update your information in the NDS (National Database System)

Step 2: Fill out the Returning Patroller Registration form

Step 3: Payment of Returning Patroller Fees via PayPal: Make a PayPal Payment

Step 4: Attend a returning weekend (includes CPR recert., practice time, skill stations, and written and diagnostic exams): Register via the Roster or View the 2016/2017 Calendar

Step 5 (Hill Specific): Conduct any additional ski area specific weekend of training done through the individual patrol training departments (Contact your PL or APL Training for additional information)

Step 6: ( Every three (3) years a mandatory on-hill ski / snowboard and toboggan test is required for every patroller. This is done through either the Calgary Zone On-hill department or the individual patrol APL training programs. Deadline for this exam is January 31st of the third year.

If a patroller does not meet the deadline in Step 4 (but meets 1 through 4) they are allow to practice first aid from a patrol base hut ONLY or at summer events. They are not allowed to be in the handles of a toboggan nor are they allowed to be on-snow in uniform.

All returning patrollers are responsible to attend a scheduled Calgary Zone returning weekend. However, if you cannot make any of the three weekends due to extenuating circumstances, patrollers are permitted to re-certify by attending the rookie field day and then do your diagnostics and written exams on one of the rookie exam nights. You will also need to attend the rookie CPR day or obtain CPR HCP level on your own time and at your own cost through a third party provider (i.e. Red Cross). Any patroller that does not complete these requirements will not be covered under the CSP National Insurance Program and is not considered a qualified patroller.

Read also about Special Events

Please note that individual patrol groups may have additional requirements beyond the above minimum Calgary Zone Standards, including, but not limited to: Basic Avalanche Beacon Skills, Avalanche Safety Training Level 1 (AST 1), etc.