Instructor Program

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Goals and Objectives

There are two principal goals for the ICP.

  1. Improve and standardize the instruction and material of CSPS Education Programs
  2. Achieve federal/provincial accreditation for CSPS Education Programs.

Improving the quality and standards of the instruction, which patrollers receive, will fulfill several objectives:

  • improve the level of service to our customers;
  • improve the level of satisfaction of the Instructor and Student;
  • encourage patrollers to increase their level of training and participation;
  • assist in achieving federal/provincial accreditation for CSPS Education Programs.

A standard and effective Instructor Certification Program is an important factor towards accreditation. The accreditation by government organizations, such as the Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) in Ontario, raises the profile of the CSPS, assists in volunteer recruitment, improves ability to raise funds and increases the attraction of the training program to outside agencies such as colleges.

Introduction (posted 15-May-2005)

At the 2000 Fall National Education Committee Meeting, a team was charged with the task of developing a National Instructor Certification Program (ICP). This is your Instructor Certification Program. There are many instructor training methods and course collaterals available and in use. As a result, this program will be continuously updated. The National Education Committee requests areas and individuals to forward comments, collaterals and area specific programs.

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ICP Categories – Calgary Zone

Assistant Instructor Course:

* Assistant Instructors are required to take this course once every three years once they have completed it for the first time (unless they upgrade to the Instructor Course). * All new (Rookie) instructors must complete this course prior to helping out with On-Hill, CPR or the Rookie First Aid Course.

 Instructor Course:

* Instructors will be required to take this course once every three years once they have completed it for the first time. Note: Not required if Assistant Instructors want to remain at AI status.

Instructor Trainer (IT) Course:

* This Course is Run By Mountain Division Instructors wishing to become trainers for the I and A.I. course This course is open to individuals that have completed the Instructor course and have volunteered as an instructor for at least a couple of years. Course participants should be recommended by the Zone Education Officer (the VP Education) and should show keen interest in the ICP (instructor certification program). Being an Instructor Trainer requires much more commitment as I.T.s are teaching for Mountain Division as well as Calgary Zone. I.T.s will be required to do training in other zones. The reasoning behind this is to maintain standards (cross-pollination to and ensure what is being taught is uniform and according to our standards).

Casualty Simulation courses (Cas. Sim.)

Calgary Zone will be offering Introductory Casualty Simulation courses. These courses are ideally designed ideally for anyone would has already completed the A.I. or Instructor course. If you are interested in the course please contact the VP Education.

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