Canada Olympic Park

The patrol’s presence at Canada Olympic Park (COP) started with our contribution of first aid services at the 1988 Winter Olympics. COP hosted bobsleigh, luge, skeleton and ski jumping venues for this event. Patrollers assisted wherever they were needed and requested by management. Over the next ten years, the patrol continued to provide first aid assistance on the ski hill.

COP has supported the Calgary Zone by allowing us to do new patroller ski testing, toboggan training, and ski improvement clinics at the hill.

The CSP at COP may be the only patrol in Canada that works year round. As soon as the hill closes in early April, the staff begins to transform it into a bike park, which operates throughout the summer and early fall. The summer bike trails at COP include a good open cross country trail, trials park, dual eliminator downhill course, and eXtreme stunts venue in the west side woods. We organize first aid training on hill with scenarios taken from real past accidents.

The COP summer patrol executive worked with Louis Garneau to design a summer uniform with the marketing crest. We are proud of this line of clothing; it makes us really visible on two wheels!

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