Annual Returning Patroller Registration

Submission from VP of Administration, Cody Whitten

By now, you should have had an opportunity to meet the new VP of Administration, Cody Whitten, either in person or electronically through email. If you need to contact Cody, please email him at [email protected].

Below are a few reminders regarding registration for the up coming season…

There are four important steps that each returning patroller needs to complete.

Step 1: Update NDS

Log onto the NDS (National Database System) and verify that your contact information (email address, mailing address, phone, etc)  is correct.

Step 2: Complete Registration Form

Fill out the Returning Patroller Registration form

Step 3: Pay Annual Fees

You should have received an email directly from Cody outlining the fees payable this year. If not, email Cody at [email protected].

Please make payment of Returning Patroller Fee via PayPal: Make a PayPal Payment

Please note that this fee is required to be paid BEFORE you attend your zone recertification weekend.

A big thanks to all those that have already paid and registered – this is highly helpful for organizing things. This first session was well attended (highest recorded attendance apparently) and a success.

Step 4: Calgary Zone Returning Weekend

Attend a returning weekend (includes CPR recert., practice time, skill stations, and written and diagnostic exams): Register via the Roster or View the 2016/2017 Calendar.

Remaining dates are as follows:

  • October 1/2 (Calgary EMS center)
  • October 15/16 (Calgary EMS center)

A big shout out to Jean Rioux for offering up his facility to host the September 10/11 returning weekend. Thank you!

Calgary Ski Sale

The Calgary Ski Sale has opened up their roster for volunteer slots for October 19 – 23.

If you are interested in participating, go to and roster for any of the numerous positions listed.

When patrollers roster on for (and complete) two (2) shifts (equivalent to 8 hours total), they will accrue their full fundraising commitment which will be applied to their 2017 fees next year. It has been noted that many shifts seemed to have been bumped up this year to 5 hours… the expectation is that volunteers put in at least 8 hours to meet their fund raising commitment.


  • Patrollers won’t receive their credit if they don’t complete their two shifts (equivalent to 8 hours). There are no partial credits.
  • Patrollers can arrange to have others attend in their place and will still receive credit. Just make sure that the stand-in lets the organizer know when they sign in, who they are filling in for.

Let me know if you have any questions or corrections.

Read also about Update from VP Education


Cody Whitten
VP Administration
Calgary Zone, Mountain Division

About Caliry

Kelly Campbell is a member of The Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP), a non-profit organization that offers training in first aid and accident scene management. As a CSP patroller in the Calgary Zone, Kelly provides first aid and rescue services, while promoting safety and injury prevention at ski areas and special events. She is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all skiers and snowboarders.
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